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Are you interested in reading and speaking horses' body language more fluently?
Do you want to feel your horse move fluidly, freely, and happily?

Riding lessons: My own performance background includes dressage, eventing, and hunter shows. I have found through many years of experience — working with all types of horses — that horse and rider biomechanics are THE key to success in riding. The horses and riders' skill levels move up steadily — in each lesson we see improvements!

Horse training: My natural horsemanship is based on how horses communicate leadership in their own language. Positive reinforcement training is often known as clicker training. Research shows that clicker-trained horses learn faster, retain longer, and bond stronger with their handler. In combining these two training systems of natural horsemanship and positive reinforcement we can greatly increase our own, and the horse's, fun and safety. This training method is the basis for success in any discipline. I take on young or green horses, OTTBs, horses with behavior challenges on the ground and under saddle — (spookiness, trailering issues, bad ground manners, etc).

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Embrace Hope Quadrille   —  Rebecca Howard-Hathaway and team   >> click here to play video <<

Bareback and Bridleless  —  Rebecca Howard-Hathaway   >> click here to play video <<



When I first learned to walk my mom would lose track of me occasionally, the youngest child, newly mobile. Eventually she learned the first place to look was down at the barn. Literally standing underneath her off the track Thoroughbred. Race horses are often high-strung.  They are detoxing stress, drugs, steroids, and our runaway profit motive. This one's name was Knight and he stood like a statue while I wobbled around under his belly "brushing" him, with an 18 month old's coordination. I still remember the sense of magic of him above and around me, like a living cathedral.
Knight let me trust him, with the pure clueless trust of a toddler. The generosity of the horse still humbles me. Horses have taught me the value in frustration, patience and discipline, and given me freedom, presence and exhilaration.
I have trained horses and taught riding since I was a teenager, 25 years. I have taught, coached and competed in English performance sports including hunters/equitation, eventing (through Prelim) and dressage (competed through Third, schooled through FEI). I've been lucky to train with many excellent instructors including Sally Swift, Dr. Max Gawhyler, Ann Guptill and Tad Coffin. I was a working student in the New Jersey and Palm Beach barns of Robert Dover (6 time Olympic dressage team member and current Chef d'Equipe of the US Dressage Team) in 1999 -2000.  As an adult my most influential trainer has been Mary Wanless (international expert in the bio-mechanics of riding) who I have studied and ridden with in several multi-day clinics. I also had the honor of training with Georges Malleroni ("disciple" of the late, great Nuno Oliveira- one of foremost trainers of recent times in the French / Iberian tradition of Classical Dressage). I'm a graduate member of the US Pony Clubs and an instructor and examiner for Clubs in the region.  I integrate "Natural Horsemanship" and positive reinforcement ("clicker training") techniques into a system of training for my own and clients' horses. Research shows that Natural Horsemanship and clicker-trained animals learn faster, retain longer and bond stronger with the handler!



Equitation   |  ongoing sessions and will coach at shows
Aspire to show, learn to ride, or tune up skills.

Jumping   |  ongoing sessions and will coach at shows
Aspire to show or just have fun.

Dressage lessons  |  ongoing sessions and will coach at shows
Aspire to show or tune up your riding skills.

Lessons for teens, kids and / or Pony Clubbers needing fitness & mileage  |  ongoing sessions
This includes over fences. Confidence will be a by-product!

Natural Horsemanship — groundwork and riding
A systematic approach to explore natural horsemanship and positive reinforcement with your horse or mine.  Regardless of what you want to do with your horse, these skills help!  Natural horsemanship is like a foreign language course, it teaches humans how to speak the horse's language.  It's a prey animal's body language, so it doesn't necessarily come intuitively to us predators!  Each session will begin with ground work – then translate to riding.  If you'd like to ship in, or reserve a horse, please call or text Rebecca at (203) 313-6389.

Share Boarder / Boarder Lesson Rates:
$45 groups of 3+
$55 semi private (2 riders)
$70 private

Public Lesson Rates (you on my horse, not share boarding):
$55 groups of 3+
$70 semi private (2 riders)
$85 private

Haul-ins are welcome
Contact Rebecca to schedule (203) 313-6389.

Please note that lessons cancelled less than 24 hours in advance will be paid. As well as time expenses related to horse shows, off campus expenses (like trailering and coaching).



Horse Handling Clinics — Call for personal sessions
Equine as a Second Language (ESL) allows you to experience and explore basic and natural horsemanship as well as positive reinforcement. Want to increase safety and confidence when handling horses? This clinic is for you. Sessions are open to the public and also serve as training for volunteers for nonprofits serving children and adults with developmental and/or psycho-social issues. You can bring your own horse. Refreshments will be served. Just $25 per person.   If you'd like to ship in, or reserve a horse, please call or text Rebecca at (203) 313-6389.
Sandy Hook Equestion Center

Fundraiser clinic for Serenity Farm Horse Rescue — September 13, 2020, 9-5
At the gorgeous Windhorse International, please join this riding clinic. It's a fundraiser so if you want to come have fun and gain confidence using the principles of horse communication, natural horsemanship and positive reinforcement either participating or auditing. We would love to have you and you would be helping the rescue horses! Call Marie Schumacher with questions at 203-305-0509.
Serenity Farm Horse Rescue

Equitana 2020 — September 25-27, 2020
Representing Embrace Hope Sandy Hook Equine Assisted Therapy and support our Executive Director Mary Poupon as a featured speaker.

Horse Symposium at UCONN — March 27, 2021, 9-3 p.m.
(co-sponsored by CT Horse Magazine and Steed Read) Building sessions on "Equine as a Second Language" Natural Horsemanship and Positive Reinforcement. On the ground and under saddle. UCONN Symposium

Governor's Horse Guard Demo: Natural Horsemanship and Positive Reinforcement — Saturday, September, 7, 2019 at 12 p.m.
Build motivation and confidence for horses and humans- through Natural Horsemanship and Positive Reinforcement
Build motivation and confidence for horses and humans- through Natural Horsemanship and Positive Reinforcement. Second Company Governor's Horse Guard

Combined Tests — Mountain Valley Equestrian Center — July 31, 2019

Summer Horsemanship Series — Sandy Hook Equestrian Center, Newtown CT — July 22-26, 2019
Structured fun and riding activities. No prior experience necessary and all ages are welcome. Short sessions: 10 am-1pm $300 — Bonus session 1-3pm add'l $150. And — we'll add on a week for those interested in taking part of performance at end of the season.
Discounts for multiple siblings & scholarships available! — please inquire! Call or text Rebecca at (203) 313-6389.
rebecca-hathaway.com Camp Flyer PDF Download

Governor's Horse Guard Demo: Patterns and Approaches for Off the Track Thoroughbreds — Saturday, September, 8, 2018 at 1 p.m.
Elliot, a big beautiful OTTB who came through a Thoroughbred rescue and turned 5 this spring. We've been working together for just a couple of weeks now. We'll present some interesting games and patterns to help keep everyone safe while having fun ~ as we work on new job skills off the track!
Second Company Governor's Horse Guard

Dressage Show — Weatogue Stables, Salisbury, CT — Sunday, September 17th, 2019

Bareback & Brideless Clinc — Sandy Hook Equestrian Center, Newtown, CT — Date TBD
A demo of how to get to ride bareback & bridless. Rebecca shows you the steps and ends up riding to musical choreography. Please check back soon!
Sandy Hook Equestion Center



Rebecca Howard-Hathaway
Sandy Hook Equestion Center
Voicemail:   (203) 313-6389
Text: (203) 313-6389
E-mail:  rebeccahoward1367@gmail.com



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